The Truffle story

The beginnings

I’ve graduated as a cook, but at that time gastronomy was in the egg. After that, I did so many things, I’ve been working as a radioman for several years. But that wasn’t my thing anymore.

Then at one of my dear friends party, I’ve met with our mutual friend, who was searching for truffles.

2012 was the year of change

I’ve got captured instantly

The truffle… We’ve been talking through the whole night. I felt that this is it! I finally wanted to do this. Walking in the forest, and then working with the goods of it. My partners support was also clear, because she saw my passion about it.

The NÉBIH-safe dog


After 3 months I had Kodi, my dog. For several months we’ve been training together for 10 hours a day, during that I did the ELTE NÉBIH accredited under-land mushrooms training, and my dog also passed the exam.

We’ve been walking in the nature

Slowly we found those places for the truffles, , which we are still working and living with. Because this is what happens. Essentially we are living with the nature. We take care of everything, we clean up the place and we only collect a limited amount of the truffles.

It became more serious

Truffle and market


With the family we made a little manufacture, and figured it out that we’ll also make other products with the truffle. Oils, spices, butters, salts… During the week we looked for restaurants to work with, and on weekend weekend we went to the market to sell the products. , Luckily people loved and still love our products. Lots of them are regular costumers, who we know by face and name.

I’m myself in the nature, I know the trees and shrubs. I’m also a part of the nature. Nowadays I also work a lot, but I would consider myself lucky, because for me it isn’t just a job, but also my hobby and passion. Sometimes it is hard, lots of patience and persistence is needed, but if someone finds his or her calling, it is easy to do everything for it!

At the end…

By the time more and more customers asked about our products availability on the internet, so we created our website. And this is how this started…
Take a look on our online shop, because we make lots of tasty products with truffles.

We made them »


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