The Truffle

What is the secret of the outstanding quality?

The Hungarian truffle has very high and unique quality, thanks to the special climate and the approach of the truffle finders…


Organic farming

It is protected both by the government and the truffle finder

Hungary and the whole Carpathian Basin is very beneficial for the truffles. The Hungarian truffle has a very rich smell and flavor, because of this, it is very popular also in Italy.
The flavor depends on:

  • The quality of the ground
  • The amount of the moisture
  • Diverse microclimate in the county


In Hungary we have strict rules for finding the truffles, and because of these, the nature is safe and also the truffles. Here we can only go to find truffles, with no more than two dogs, so the procedure of the truffles growth is safe.

We can say that here the truffles are growing in organic circumstances. In the USA it is more popular to get as much as they can get at a time. This is not good for the nature, and neither for the quality of the truffles.

The effects of the truffle

Aphrodisiac. The stags are searching for this kind of mushroom during the mating season, this is how the Hungarian name of it comes from.

Spice.Because of the very intense flavor of it, we use it in a little quantity. We recommend it for egg dishes and sweets.

It is also used in beauty products , because of its regenerative effects, and also in health carebélre gyakorolt előnyös hatásai for the good effects in the digestive system.

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